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Originally Posted by Philly K-9 View Post
In January Philadelphia (PA) Police, my department, will switch to 147 grain Federal HST 9mm ammo. We used to issue 115 grain Federal Classic (9BP). The 147 grain HST did very well in testing. One factor that makes 147 grain a good choice, IMHO, is the fact that it gets cold here in Philly so the bad guys are dressed in several layers of bulky clothes. The heavier bullet will penertrate better than a lighter round. And HST's tend to expand very well.

We also have the option of buying and using a Glock .40 or .45! I choose the Glock 21SF in good old .45 ACP!!!!!! We are issued 230 grain HST .45 and 165 grain HST in the .40's. All very good rounds!
I heard that they had really good results with the Federal 9BP's, I wonder why they are switching. When something is working, why change?
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