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bump as I can't decide!!!

I admit I want some versatility... And the deal is I can get a Remington 11-87 and a Remington 700 SPS Varmint .308 for $650 + $500 at Dick's ... (I just really want that 700 too, I will probably never use it but I've wanted one for a long time)...

But a local gunshop ... $1150 for the Benelli M2... and it's so awesome. I am just asking for everyone's input, because some friends are telling me the M2 will be no good for anything but home defense, I really want the half priced 11-87 for it's versatility.. other's are telling me the M2 is great, if I want to hunt just get some rifled slugs, and it's a sweet weapon.

And no one in the area has any semi-auto Mossberg's ... only some pumps. the ONLY mossberg semi has this WIERD double-trident thing at the end of the barrel (can anyone address that freaking thing? It's wierd!) ... and the 930 SPX is apparently illegal in NJ, too big a mag and no semi-autos with a pistol grip in NJ d'oh!

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