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Originally Posted by Regular Joe View Post
WHO CARES what LA does? I study, and test, and hand load to superior performance. 12 years ago, I was at a police range with those steel targets that fall when you hit them. I watched as several different guys took their place, and used up to a full magazine to take them all down, with a dull ring on each hit. It came my turn. Using my P-85, loaded with the 124 gr. Hornady XTP over 8 gr. of Blue Dot with a Rem Bench Rest rifle primer, I BLASTED all 12 in just over 3 sec. The other "competitors" eyed me with suspicion. The range officer told me that he didn't want me abusing the targets that way. That was the very last time I gave a hint of a hoot about what the cops think of my loads and my shooting. I am on their side. That is all they need to know about me, and the end of my interest in what they do.
A Ruger with hand loads. (snicker...)

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Methinks there is a Mall somewhere missing its Ninja.
+ 1,000 this.
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