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Originally Posted by Apocalypse_Now View Post
Why not just buy the $190.00 .22lr conversion kit for your 5.56 AR15 from CDNN?

You DO have a 5.56 carbine, right? If not, priorities are skewed..
The real reason is today AR's have faster rifle twist, 1-9'' or faster. The 22LR is .223'' and will work down the bore of .224''. When the M16 had a 1-12'' I used to get reasonable accuracy with a conversion unit on a full auto. A quick 10 round burst would put them in a 2'' cluster at 50 yards off hand. We didn't even think to use 22 Conversion units for accuracy but cheap shooting.

The 22 LR uses a 1-16'' rifle twist as standard. A 1-9'' would probably cause poor performance.

Has anyone use a 22 conversion unit on todays faster twist barrel? If so lets hear what happen.

A whole upper with the correct barrel for the 22 LR would be a good way to go for a conversion unit.

BTW, my dealer got two Colts AR 22s and I had a chance to shoot one before buying. One work perfectly and tha other did not. I told him to take the good one and I fixed the other.
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