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Originally Posted by G-31 View Post
If your talking to me I figured out that I wasn't completely inserting the cases into the die and not resizing them correctly, I figured that out when I had the same issue with some .233's. To everyone else I have bought several more books including the ABC's which I just finished so thanks for the advice. If anyone needs a laugh I put an unlubed .223 case into my resizing die and effectively destroyed the die getting it out. I'm sure I'll have more questions soon but for now thanks for the help.
Laugh? We have all stuck a case at one time or other.
Use this for future reference.
You don't need a lathe though. A 1/4 inch $10 tap and drill set from you local hardware store and a hand drill work fine. I also use a deep socket for my spacer rather than some nuts. but it will get your case out without hurting your die.

Also did you mention what press you were using?
what is your 40 load? bullet weight? powder and charge?
It is real important with the 40 to start with a medium burning powder and not to go for top pressure loads.
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