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G17 Generation 1 w/ box and mags - new to me

How did I do?

Yesterday, I found a G17 online for sale locally. It is in decent shape, has 3 mags (2 g17 u-shaped preban, and a g19 u-shaped preban with +2), the original matching box, adjustable sights, and a laser guide rod. The best part - I paid $420. I plan to remove the laser and get an original guide rod. Any help would be appreciated where I could find one of those. I feel like I got an incredible deal, especially since I will probably get $175 out of the laser. I don't have pictures yet, as it's hidden in the safe from my wife...

Should I contact Glock about any updates? Are there benefits to let them go over it? I don't plan to shoot it as I already have a G23 and G19. The adjustable sights seem primitive.
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