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You Ameriglo & Warrent guys chime in . . . especially ProGlo owners . . .

Hi All,

I have a G21 with Warren Tactical rear and fiber optic front sight on my G21. I love the sights and they seem laserbeam accurate. I have a Glock 26 that is my EDC gun and I like the idea of adding some Warren tactical sights to it as well. I like the practice of having the same sight picture on both guns, but I'm thinking maybe I want to go with the Warren "tactical" tritium front sight for my baby glock being as it is a dedicated carry/defense gun. I'm wondering how easy the Warren tritium sight (with white ring) is to pick up in daylight/lowlight. I also wonder how well the white paint on the ring holds up. Any of you guys that have a G26 and Warren tactical sights confirm the proper height front for shooting poa/poi- I believe they suggest .215 high on the front sight. I know the .215 works great for the G21, didnt know it that was pretty much spot on for the 9mm G26.

I have also been looking at the Ameriglo Pro operators with the orange ProGlo option (orange luminova paint that encircles the Tritium.) This seems like it gives me the low light/daylight visibility and the tritium when it's too dark. Same questions come up-- how durable is the orange luminova paint and the Ameriglo pro operators in general. Also . . . the Ameriglos dont have a set screw for the rear sight and I just wondered if anyone had input on the sights being as "robust" in this mounting method versus rear sights with a set screw? The ProGlos are out of stock for 2-3 weeks-- anyone have good luck with standard tritiums and hiviz paint or something to add the quick acquisition?

My concerns about the paint and rear set screw? I have issues with both in the past

Looking for input from the pro's !

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