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Bunes13 wrote:

I keep going back to TBI from BPW as the mechanism of incapacitation because that's what Courtney himself talks about and because without a physiologic mechanism we're just talking about magic. If incapacitation occurs because a person simply decides to give up and fall down like they see on TV, BPW doesn't apply but certainly drugs or adrenalin might mitigate that. This is the heart of the problem with the M&S data; we don't really know what caused the "stop"
And he discusses peripheral wounding. Also you mentioned people and animals quit or give up. People more so than animals. Animals doen't have a sense of their mortality, the go off of instinct. This is what makes a deer run until it simply can't. Even if they did give up, this would not acccount for instant incaoacitation, there is not enough time to process the information to account for this.
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