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It was heavy, slow, and stuff caught on everything. While the gun had a very high "cool factor", it never really made me happy with the way it felt. Sure, it had all the whizbang gadgets that make a gun look awesome in a youtube video, but when it came time to actually put the gun to use in training I was underwhelmed by the way it swung, came to the shoulder, and generally how it handled (the thing weighed a TON).
That has been my experience both as a student and as a shotgun trainer. Lots of added doo-dads look cool, but it seems the folks who always did the best on actual shooting tests used very simple, low-tech guns, particularly when it involved moving through areas.
One trick I have found to be very helpful is a little two-round holder from Safariland that clips on the belt. I put a velco piece on it and my stock so the holder stays with the gun while in storage, but when I grab the shotgun I can easily grab the holder and slip it on the belt. This gives me two quick rounds for reload if needed, or as I use it I keep two slugs in to facilitate a select slug drill instead of having to dig in the pouch.
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