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Originally Posted by David Armstrong View Post
That has been my experience both as a student and as a shotgun trainer. Lots of added doo-dads look cool, but it seems the folks who always did the best on actual shooting tests used very simple, low-tech guns, particularly when it involved moving through areas.
>>This is part of the reason for my switch. Even at the local clubs' "tactical shotgun" matches, the gun underwhelmed. In setting up several very basic drills, there's no comparison between the two...the KISS gun wins every time.

One trick I have found to be very helpful is a little two-round holder from Safariland that clips on the belt. I put a velco piece on it and my stock so the holder stays with the gun while in storage, but when I grab the shotgun I can easily grab the holder and slip it on the belt. This gives me two quick rounds for reload if needed, or as I use it I keep two slugs in to facilitate a select slug drill instead of having to dig in the pouch.
>>That's interesting. I'll have to acquire one and work it into my practice routine.

BTW--Your blog is excellent. I've read a few things there and will read a few more when I go back to work tonight.
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