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As for what Fackler's true intentions were from the start of the International Wound Ballistics Association (IWBA), I'm not sure anyone truely knows. Seems to me the FBI couldn't particularily stand having him around. Aside from any of those questionables, all of Fackler/Roberts/McPhearson among others in the IWBA did bring some excellent insight to the table which we've all learned from and probably would have never existed to the rest of us if it weren't for them.
Yea, I don't see him as beng the "Save the Agents" type. He needed money going into retirement time.

Didn't the rounds penetrate on Platt just fine? Thought it was bad placement?

I like Macpherson, just not the others. Well, in all fairness... I suspect I wouldn't give a crap about what Fackler has to say but family issues apparently have him away from such debates.
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