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Also, I don't buy into the hype that all handgun rounds aren't capable of the retarding forces required for the possible effects of BPW to take place. Many want to base everything they believe on LE shootings. Problem is they're already limiting themselves to the most popular loads LE carry which mostly all end up being around the same BPW level. Where some of us common civilians come out ahead of that game is with hunting/animal control. And plenty of us have seen what a 10mm will do that a 40S&W won't, or what a 357SIG/Magnum will do that 9mm doesn't
+1. People get too caught up on just penetration or just caliber or just energy or just one whatever. It's a cartridges ability to have multifaceted capabilities that becomes advantageous. The key element is how the .357sig's energy can use bullet construction to it's advantage in both penetration plus BPW. The 9mm can only do one thing thing at a time just barely "ok".
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