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Originally Posted by Willard View Post
Larry's Pistol and Pawn, in Huntsville is legendary. (in a good way)
I went in there a couple years back when I was in a bowling tourney. It was raining, cold, and right before Christmas so it was packed out. I have never seen so many people in a gun shop at one time. I actually bought a used Glock from him, we were going to shoot at the range and I asked if he had what I was looking for. He had someone get it, I checked it out, bought it and took it back to shoot it. The range guys were really helpful with my wife, she won't listen to me but she did them and her shooting improved from what they told her. I need to get back up there to check them out so I can actually see what they have, we really could not look because of the number of folks there.
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