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Originally Posted by English View Post
You still don't get it but you might be half way there. Truth is not a matter of choice but exists regardless of choice or majority opinion. In contrast, people have a range of opinions about a single truth. Hence, indeed, sensible medical Drs. will give their opinion rather than claim it to be truth. You are confusing the terms "truth" and "opinion".

Exactly! I think you got it. There is a fine line between truth and opinion and a lot of "truth" is in fact only "opinion" -- but being subjective/interpreted may be good enough for what ever purpose is needed.

Let's be honest, 115gr +P+ has been shown to work. Let's also be honest that 147gr subsonic has also been shown to work. Is it possible that they both work depending on circumstances? If, that is the case then which one is "better" is really only opinion.

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