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Originally Posted by aippi View Post
When I can't talk a client out of putting the Remington extension on his weapon and there is going to be a Surfire forend on it, I use a bracket that does not have the stud. I then use a Wilson sling plate so he still has a forward mounting option.

If you use any bracket that has a sling mount infront of the light and ever use a sling, the sling is going to be in front of the light and can cause and issue. The studless Remington bracket and Wilson plate removes this issue. Even better, change to a Wilson Combat 2 shot extension.
The shotgun came equipped with the Remington extension and I installed the Surefire. The Wilson Combat 2 shot extension is what I think I will go with, plus it is available for wrong handed shooters too (lefties) . To make sure I'm seeing the right item, is it part number SGET-LH-2?

Thanks to everyone for the information and good advice.
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