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Originally Posted by Bones13 View Post
Needed money? Your bias is showing. Again.

BTW try reading this:

That way you won't be talking out of your ass.

I find this post of yours to be particularly irritating in the way it combines your extreme prejudicial bias with your lack of knowledge.

Fackler, a trauma surgeon, tried to limit the discussion of terminal ballistics to what could be explained by known physiologic principles specifically to counter the arguments and opinions of people with no medical background who relied on data that was both incomplete and haphazardly collected.

Sound familiar?
Yea I'm bias of his bad info, period. Fackler and his chronies will say anything to sell his Koolaid. If he's such an angel, and soo concerned for the agents, why did he publicly put down Dr. Roberts?

I can tell you don't know as much as you'd like people to believe.
- Without idiots, there would be no baseline for common sense.

- "Our country went through a transition during the last election where the parasites came together and outnumbered the hosts." -jdavionic
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