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Originally Posted by uz2bUSMC View Post
Look man, I have a good understanding of anatomy and other things. I have to say that I do not believe that you possess the knowledge of retarding forces that you believe you do. If you did, you would EASILY understand how a fmj would not impart it's energy towards the retarding forces the way an expanding projectile would, period. It's not even a discussion point but yet, here we are.

Now that doctor you talked to in the ICU ask him what bullets were being used and more importantly, ask him what effect it had on the street.

The Dr. I spoke with was not in the ICU setting I am currently in. You will further discover many cases "from the street" (one involving Officer Coates, another involving the Miami Shootout) of rapidly expanding, high-energy (if you can call them that) handgun rounds being fired into the thoracic cavity and having no effect leading to incapacitation due to TBI.

Regardless of the forces involved, the evidence of this wounding mechanism appears spotty.

Given your claimed understanding of human anatomy, vessels, and the responses and signs of increased pressure within them as well as the manifestations of TBI's and brain-bleeds and other traumatic injuries to the human body resulting from increases in cellular and intravascular pressure, I think that you can see for yourself why I am so skeptacle based on the evidence (or lack) provided to support it as a reliable mechanism of incapacitation.

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