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Originally Posted by N/Apower View Post
The Dr. I spoke with was not in the ICU setting I am currently in. You will further discover many cases "from the street" (one involving Officer Coates, another involving the Miami Shootout) of rapidly expanding, high-energy (if you can call them that) handgun rounds being fired into the thoracic cavity and having no effect to end of incapacitation due to TBI.

Regardless of the forces involved, the evidence of this wounding mechanism appears spotty.

Given your understanding of human anatomy, vessels, and the response to increased pressure within them as well as the manifestations of TBI's and brain-bleeds and other traumatic injuries, I think that you can see for yourself why I am so skeptacle based on the evidence (or lack) provided to support it as a reliable mechanism of incapacitation.
No, I see that you are unable to put all the pieces together just like everyone else. Do you understand that it is not just expanding? It's not just energy. It's not just "torso".

It's what bullet... what path discerned from the much energy... was their incapacitation. It's all of these things TOGETHER

You are doin what everyone else likes to do, give a bland example...

-This guy kept going after being hit with a .45

-This guy dropped from a .380

-This guy got shot 15 times what, where are the other details, the other pieces?

Making long ass posts doesn't solve the problem or make you sound more believable or knoledgable
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