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.357 Sig

Owned one, G33. Hands outgrew it. Called it "Thumper". I really like that cartridge.

The way it was explained to me years ago...

Bottom line... The 357 mag was king of the hill on one shot stops for years in police shootings, a round I also like. (125 grain bullet at 1325 fps I think)

This round was eventually supplanted by the 40 S&W. (Yep, another darn good round)

The 40 did not beat the 357 stats because of superiority. Officers began carrying semi-autos rather than revolvers. Not a lot of 357 semi's out there.
The 40 began racking up "stats" while the 357 revolvers were phased out.
It simply had more chances at bat...

I own 9mm, 357, 40, and 44mag.
I hit my targets more frequently with the 9mm.
I get more recoil with the others.
I don't feel undergunned with any of them...

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