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Originally Posted by N/Apower View Post
The FMJ is indeed inferior with regards to BPW, but disruption of nerve conductivity has been observed and documented using high-velocity steel spheres on animal tissue. Ergo, the relevance of my former roommate's GSW to the thigh with a flat-point projectile, which we can both agree, I am sure, is superior to a spherical object.

The steel shpere, depending upon the diameter might still present more of a frontal area than the .357sig fmj you referred to. Eitherway, the fmj presents little aggression towards retarding forces. A jhp is like a parachute, when it opens drematically, it rapidly sends it's energy off to cause hate and discontent... including peripheral wounding that you did not see in your buddy's wound.

As you will note, C&C are far from the first to study shock-waves caused by ballistic missiles in the body. Also, they are far from the most thorough, shooting a few deer and calling it a "study". While this work is a bit "dated", the human body has not changed much since the 40's, and I have found it to be much more comprehensive and scientific than C&C's work.

I'll check it out, don't know if I have seen it or not.

After reading this study and finding no evidence of TBI being caused by missiles at over 3,000fps impacting the body anywhere but in the cranial region, I have, for the most part, put C&C's theory of TBI as a wounding mechanism to bed, in my own mind.

In the studies conducted by Suneson, animals were shot in the thigh by high speed missiles. The effects were measured in the brain with high speed transducers. That is a good distance away from the impact site, yet the pressure spike was identified. These were dogs or pigs, can't remember.

If there is something in this study that I have overlooked, or for some reason misinterpreted, by all means, I am a fan of the 357SIG and would love another reason to sing its praises.

I try to keep an open mind, but I am selective about what I keep in that mind.
I've also done some testing and witnessed a few things that would be attributed to this "wave".
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