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Well since it is my understanding that earlier this year or late last year it was confirmed that Colt does not have a single piece of machinery or equipment necessary to make in house any rifle components that there is no such thing as a Colt rifle. It's most likely a CMT rifle that is just assembled at the Colt plant. CMT is the primary provider for all AR manufacturers and the DOD for their components, they supply about 85-90% of the components used in all AR's. So it'd be a fair assessment to say a Colt is a CMT rifle with only the quad rail and chromed bcg distinguishing it from a Stag rifle which is entirely CMT. Most companies at the most only make their own lower receiver or maybe the barrel. Only a few of the more expensive custom shops actually build rifles. FNH has the M16 contract for DOD and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if they used CMT also, just not practical for anyone other than custom shops to build a shop that produces all the components for the AR as they wouldn't be able to keep the costs down to compete the other companies just assembling theirs.

So the real question is do you want a Stag that is gouged at a 100% markup for a Colt stamp, or do you want a Les Baer which I believe is actually made custom in their own shop.
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