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Originally Posted by KenB22 View Post
If its OK with you, I'll make up my own mind about that. I can only evaluate someone's credibility by what I read here since people post anonymously. I see your post #256 "...less penetration between to equally waited bullets..." For the record, its two equally weighted bullets. In you post #334 you say "..Making long ass posts doesn't solve the problem or make you sound more believable or knoledgable" For the record, its knowledgeable.

I figure someone who wanted to us to think he was knowledgeable about statistical modeling, physics, ballistics, anatomy and medicine (all at the same time) would learn how to spell. I would like to hear from people who have first hand knowledge actually researching this topic chime in.
Good job Ken, you little spell check ninja. Just so you know, I don't really care 'bout my spelling on here. Everybody makes mistakes and I don't care if I do. If you spent more time learning as apposed to spell checking CC might be an easier place for you.
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