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YAFST: Yet Another "First Shotgun" Thread

Hi, folks-

I posted this in another "first shotgun" thread, but I think I shouldn't have piggybacked onto it. I know little about shotguns and have only shot at clays a few times in my life. I, too, am in the market for my first shotgun and am leaning toward the 870. Here is how I expect to use it:

Shooting clays: 90%
Shooting paper: 8%
Home Defense: 1.9%
Hunting: 0.1%

At least that's about how my priorities fall out. I like the idea of a synthetic stock, but I am not interested in a pistol grip. I like the idea of a fiber sight and the ability to shoot the widest range of ammo types in 12 ga. (Is that as important as I'm implying?).

What features should I be looking for beyond what I've said? What about chokes, etc.? Barrel length? Magazine capacity?

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