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Originally Posted by KenB22 View Post
For the record, its "opposed" not apposed. I am just saying that in trying to evaluate the credibility of an anonymous someone who claims to have expertise and understanding in as many fields as you claim to have, I find it telling that you have no idea how to spell. May not make a difference to others but it does make me question just how much "knoledge" of physics, mathematical modeling, medicine, ballistics and anatomy you really do have. Others mileage may vary.
Slow down smoky, I said I have a good understanding, not expertise. Don't put words in my mouth. And what you don't understand is I don't care. If you don't like or trust what I post, I promise it is no loss of sleep to me. I spend no part of my day worrying if KenB22 likes/doesn't like or even reads my posts. And just so YOU know, posting stuff like this...

I'll never buy this BPW stuff. With all of the people getting shot in wars for the last 100 years, anyone from the army ever pay any attention to possible BPW effect? Are there any government agencies that pay attention to this BPW? You'd think the agencies might like their employees to come home safely at night and to have as much edge as possible. Think how much profit the gun makers or ammo makers could make if they could just market their product as taking advantage of this BPW. Yet...the army never discusses it, the FBI and all police departments ignore it and no gun maker or ammo maker is paying any attention to this. Mr. Courtney needs a better agent. He should be inviting the FBI and sky marshals and remington and speer to his home on a daily basis and redoing his tests for them so they can "learn" and take advantage of his superior analysis. Yet they don't. Wonder why??
,,,shows that you are only limited to being my personal spell check and have no real understanding of terminal ballistics and lack the ability to identify someone who does.
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