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Originally Posted by bluenoise View Post
I just got back from the local shop. I was handling a Remington 870 Express with synthetic stock and a 28" barrel. It felt good, though I want to try a 24" or 26" before I pull the trigger, so to speak. The guy looked in the catalog and couldn't find a current model 24", so I was going to check the Remington site to see what's up with that.

The 28" I was looking at was $399 "minus 10%." How does that price look? I'll be shopping around, but I want to make sure I understand the ballpark.
That sounds a bit high, but CA gun prices are usually higher than other states. Buds has the 870 express 26" barrel for $320 shipped, plus you would have to pay for a transfer at your end. $399 minus 10% would be $360 so your local dealer isn't ripping you off.

24" is usually a "Turkey" gun. 26" and 28" are the standard vent rib barrels. 28" will work just fine for skeet, but the pump action will slow you down a bit on the doubles. It's doable and I shoot skeet with a pump gun, but most skeet shooters use a double barrel or semi auto.

If you are going to be doing a lot of clay shooting you may want to look at the 11-87 instead of the 870.
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