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Originally Posted by Aceman View Post
Never the 150 SP....That should be AWESOME!

Do your accuracy testing right...
Gun totally sighted
off a bag

I think you'll be amazed. What AK is this going in? Romy/Yugo/AMD/Bulg/Saiga?????

I bet that will easy knowck one MOA clean off, maybe two. That stuff would be a great reach out and seriously touch someone at 3-5 hunnard yards!
I'm bringing my new freshly converted Saiga and my Vepr.
I plan on shooting them side by side as a comparison with the same ammo.
I got a separate scope mounts this time for each. I will use benched sand bags. A 24x and a 32x scope. Unlike most other 7.62x39 commercial loads which have a slightly undersized bullet .310 or .3095, this is the first comercial
load I seen that uses the proper .311 size bullet. The fact that the bullet is made by sierra also makes this a very interesting load.

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