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Originally Posted by cowboywannabe View Post
how much better is it over the Wolf brand ammo and how much more expensive is it?

It actually mushrooms like a soft point is suppose to according to what I have seen about sierra prohunter 30 caliber bullets. Sierra makes these bullets
balanced enough to spin in much higher RPMs than most any other domestic hunting bullet. Probably not that far off in balance from their match king bullets which are Sub .3 MOA potential in very good bolt guns.

Wolf black box bullets are far from being any where as near balanced as these and after measuring several wolf bullet diameters with calipers I saw
.3105, .3102 , .3097, etc Not having consistent diameters is really bad for
accuracy. The actual weights vary as well and the powder charges vary enough to make them inconsistent. I can't remember where I saw a video of someone pulling the bullets and comparing wolf to other russian ammo.
It really trailed behind barnaul consistency or ULY. Wolf is the bottom of the totem pole in quality.
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