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While on the transition from the AK-47 to the AKM, let’s line up the two together and look at the differences besides the obvious machined vs. milled construction. This is a picture of the front ends of the two (well, actually three since I had this picture with an AK-74 too). Note the wider front sights on the AK-47 compared to the AKM, plus the different gas block, method of attaching the bayonet, and the location of the sling attachment loop.
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Here are some excellent pictures from a gentleman named Stottman, from another board. If you have not seen his collection of AK pictures, you are missing out.
A Russian AKM. Note the rivets.
The Kalashnikov Klub

And now a Russian AK-47 Type 2A receiver. Note the lack of rivets and the horizontal lightening cut above the magazine well. Those pins you see on the side are not rivets, by the way, but the pins for the fire control group.
The Kalashnikov Klub

No Russian AK-47s or AKMs were ever imported into the US until the Saigas came along. Kits have been imported however, minus receivers, so there are 90% Russian AKs out there. There is even one guy who specializes in rewelding milled receivers, so you could retain the original markings on most of the Russian receiver.
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