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My L.W. barrel arrived yesterday. Man, it took forever to get here. Not L.W.'s fault, just the shipping time since I only paid for the cheapest method.

Seems to fit well and seems to chamber ammo fine. Looking forward to shooting it this weekend. I gave into the pressure to get the L.W. barrel even tho have never had any issues with my factory barrel.

The pressure I felt was 1) more support for the bullet and 2) leading (was never an issue for me) and 3) was told the brass life will be longer with the L.W. barrel.

Anyway, now I have one and am looking forward to shooting it. Not really happy or excited, but am going to give it a try.

Heck, it took me forever to buy a Glock, no suprise I'm having trouble digesting a L.W. barrel. (look at me now, love the Glock)
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