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Magpul "Art of the dynamic handgun" dvd it today!

I just got it today in the mail!

Wow, great video set for handgun tactics, mindsets and overall handgun training. Very comprehensive 4 disk set. The students of the class in the video consist of a 19 year old college aged female up to Police officer firearms instructors to Marine Corps snipers to S&W and Surefire product executives.

The students have polymer semi's (Glocks & M&P's) to expensive 1911's and one guy even runs a revolver.

I bought it because my dept (and state) is broke due to the recession and has stopped all additional training other than basic qualifications 2 times a year.

I have no other option but to train myself. I cant quite afford a weekend trip to a high speed low drap school so I am just going to watch the DVD and shoot on my own dime until I can save up to pay my way to a decent school of intruction.

I highly recomend watching this dvd set if you carry a gun for work or CCW and are on a budget and cant get to a school just yet. The set even has a disk dedicated to the CCW lifestyle and tactics.

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