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Originally Posted by KenB22 View Post
OK Batman. Whatever you say. You have your Pulitzer prize winning story now: The FBI is letting innocent agents die because they are too cheap and uncaring to buy the ammunition that you and everyone with half a brain knows is clearly superior in stopping BG's. I say go for it. I'll set up the meeting with Dan Rather. You can be famous and save lives at the same time. Isn't that what a Batman does??
Why do you presume everyone with half a brain knows???

Would you think it wise for all FBI agents to carry 10mm Auto???

You do realize they have long guns too, right???

You do realize many agents limit themselves to the bare minimum required tactical practice and many of them wouldn't consider themselves shooters, right???

You do realize the vast majority of FBI agents don't get the same training as Navy Seals, right???

You do realize a number of agencies in some departments have dumped 180gr 40S&W loads in favor of much faster and lighter 155gr 40S&W loads, right???

You do realize the ammo companies know they still have to come up with the lowest bid for ammo while simply meeting the FBI's basic list of requirements, right???

You do realize not all federal agencies carry the same ammo, right? Does the Secret Service carrying 357SIGs know something the FBI doesn't, or do you presume the Secret Service to be stupid because the FBI already knows what's best???

Can you explain why Winchester says there is a cult following to their 9mm 127gr +P+ load among LE???

You do realize many LE depts have ammo choosen for them by some bean counter who has an office window with a view that could care less what ammo they shoot, right???

You do realize there are LE depts carrying Federal EFMJ, right??? (That's a VERY POOR carry choice if you didn't know!)

I could go on, but I'm quite sure you're lost already.

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