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Originally Posted by AWMP View Post
Is there a replacement for the M&P 9mm MIM striker? Cost? Thanks
Okay, while I originally received some uncertain info on the strikers, I finally received some clarification.

The original strikers with the flat black finish were machined parts.

I was told there were apparently at least some of the new-style (revised) .45 strikers, which require the new 1-piece spring keeper, still made as machined parts. They have a dull, plain finish and exhibit none of the typical signs of being a MIM part (slight mold lines & markings). This is a picture of what I've been told is one of the machined new-style .45 strikers, alongside an original black finish machined .45 striker. When I compared it to a new MIM 9/40 striker, the lack of any similar mold lines & markings and the markedly duller finish were pretty apparent. Very little surprises me anymore, though. The company has been known to make engineering changes and changes in manufacturing specifications faster than the customer service & parts people can be informed regarding the changes. It wouldn't be the first time I've ended up receiving conflicting info from different sources about the specific nature of some design and/or manufacturing change.
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All of the new-style, revised strikers are going to be MIM parts, with the MIM unit replacing the original machined version. They will exhibit the typical signs of being a MIM part and will have a very bright, shiny & polished appearance (and require use of the 1-piece spring keeper). They're compatible with all slides.

I don't have any pictures at hand of the latest revised MIM striker (with the bright & shiny finish) which I received a little while ago for the 9/40/357 models, although I can try to take a couple pictures later on. Someone else posted some images of one over on the M&P Forums in one of the 'striker' threads, though.

In the meantime, S&W has apparently already switched over to the new MIM strikers for production for the 9/40/357 guns, so the strikers can probably be ordered as parts and purchased from the company easily enough (meaning at times a short wait may be involved between S&W receiving shipments from its vendor). If purchased as an assembly the new 1-piece keeper will be included. If purchased as an individual part, the 1-piece keeper must also be purchased.

The current part number on my shipping list for the complete 9/40 striker assembly is Part # 279770000 M&P Striker Assembly Rev B, and the retail price listed on the website is $31.41 (plus any applicable tax and shipping charges). You can check with S&W customer service to confirm the info for whatever you want to order.
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