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Originally Posted by BMcDonald7 View Post
I think HST, Gold Dot, and Ranger-T are all excellent rounds that will get the job done. However I do think HST is the best overall performer. It gets good penetration 12+ inches, usually expands the most with jagged sharp cutting edges, and holds on to its core very well for being a non-bonded bullet. The Gold Dot tends to get a little more penetration, however its cavity seems to have a greater chance of clogging on heavy clothing and under expanding compared to the larger HST hollow-point. The Ranger-T expands similar to the HST and penetrates similar to the Gold Dot, however it has a harder time of holding on to its jacket from the tests I've seen. Either way all 3 are great loads and it comes down to what your gun likes the best. Just so happens my HK P30 loves 147gr HST and my HK 45c loves 230gr HST.
The Gold dot is the only one that penetrates 12'' or more in all 8 tests. That is why I like it.
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