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Originally Posted by KenB22 View Post
OK Batman. Whatever you say. You have your Pulitzer prize winning story now: The FBI is letting innocent agents die because they are too cheap and uncaring to buy the ammunition that you and everyone with half a brain knows is clearly superior in stopping BG's. I say go for it. I'll set up the meeting with Dan Rather. You can be famous and save lives at the same time. Isn't that what a Batman does??

Riiiight, the FBI is the only ones who qualify as law enforcemnt. I see, so all the times you mentioned government agencies or law enforcement... you actually meant FBI. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was supposed to read your mind. Maybe instead of spellchecking your post you should take time, instead, to make sure they make sense.

Little hint there are other agencies besides the FBI that belong to the government. There are other agencies that put down bad guys besides the FBI... is any of this starting to click, Robin?

Now read your posts below ( a few times), then your quote above so you can better understand your own nonsense.

No. I think my point is clear. Nobody in law enforcement, nobody who makes handguns and none of the ammo companies care one whit about ballistic pressure waves. None of them consider BPW at all. It's a non-issue to them. Only people talking about BPW are people on bulletin boards trying to convince others how smart they are and that BPW exists. When people who have to put down bad guys pay attention to this stuff, I will too.
Did you know that the military puts down bad guys? Do you know what is loaded in their 9mm's? It ball ammo. If the military cared more about their troops than mission accomplishment their would be less restrictive ROE's. You know anything about that, Ken?
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