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Originally Posted by N/Apower View Post
Overpenetration caused problems. I read an article on this just the other day. Seems one department dumped the 180's after killing someone on a shoot-through.
Not with all of them. Where most Border Patrol Agents work out here is in the middle of nowhere. Either way, over penetration is a myth and the majority of LE that carry 40S&W still carry 180gr.
Yep, but when you consider that the heads of these divisions personally carry something like a 9mm instead of 357SIG, it makes you wonder. They know more about their ammo than you do.
I don't believe we can assume to know what the heads of 99.999% of all divisions carry. Beside that, there are some that carry 45. At the end of the day I don't believe most heads of the division have any clue why they should carry any ammo over other ammo.
The secret service carries the 53918 (reduced penetration) load while the FAMs carry the 54234 (TX DPS) load.
I don't know ammo by those numbers. Who manufactures it?
No, especially when the BPW/psi numbers just posted for it in an above post are only roughly 2/3 that of the 115gr offering. Should indicate that the 115gr load is VASTLY superior and should be the one with the cult following, right?
Not if the 115s can't be relied upon for proper penetration depth.
I keep hearing this, and yet I look around me and see my local PD using Gold Dots, the Sherriffs using Ranger T, and TX DPS 20 miles away from me issuing 357SIG/P-series guns. Where's that penny-penching mentality? I woulda thunk they would all have promotional Glocks using 9mm WWB.
Who knows what specific guidelines they were given in choosing ammo. Maybe it had to be the cheapest premium ammo. Maybe they really are getting what they should for their risk assessments. I'm not aware that Ranger T is all the expensive anyway, if at all. It's the Ranger Bonded loads that cost the big bucks by comparison. Either way they aren't representative for the 1000s of LE depts across the nation.

Notice your coments are beyond the point I was making to KenB22 though. Otherwise, thoughtful comentary none-the-less.
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