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Originally Posted by KenB22 View Post
That's certainly what you and your friends think.
Not at all.
Everyone who disagrees with you and your buddies is called stupid or ignorant or some variation thereof.
Not always. Usually we give you benefit of the doubt at first. Then, if you don't listen to reason (not our opinoin but reason toward what has nothing to do with out opinion) you get called stupid or ignorant or some variation thereof. Remember, just because you spell well doesn't mean you're smart in what you're talking about.
Everyone who agrees with you is called smart.
Not always. Remember the guy uz2bUSMC likes when he posts some posts and not others. Some we think are smart sometimes and stupid, dumb, or some variation thereof others.
Want me to cite the post numbers of everyone who has been insulted because they don't agree with the theory?
It's not about whether or not you agree with "the theory". It's whether you can debate your side intelligently or not. You can't. Sorry. Believe me, I wish it could be different. You my friend should be asking questions about what you clearly don't understand and we've been gracious enough to point out to you so that you can make an intelligent argument against "us". As it stands, it's clear you don't have enough info to know if you should go along with the theory or not.

And then to argue someones grammer. I know a guy who can't spell worth anything, but he'll beat my ass in a game of chess everytime!

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