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I opted for superior penetration sacrificing a small amount of expansion, and went with Gold Dot.
I am not saying that GD is a bad bullet, I use them for reloading and did carry them for a while. It is an older design, but the thing I did not like was the velocity variation. The duty ammo is susposed to go 1,375 fps I think. However, out of my G32 the last time I checked 10 rounds the velocity ranged from 1,298 fps to 1,380 fps. 1,298 fps is getting pretty low for the 357 sig GD bullet and it will still penetrate. The more I play with the HST, the more I like it. Definately larger expansion and I have not noticed a siginficant difference in penetration. Every HST bullet I shoot through denim and water jugs looks exactly the same, not so with GD's. I just wish the HST would go over 1,400 fps out of a G32. Do not get me wrong, GD's are good bullets and I sometimes carried them from Buffalo Bore because they left my G32 at almost 1,450 fps. At that velocity it really expands to the point that you can see the gold dot in the middle of the mushroom.

Can anyone tell me how you get the "Originially Posted by..." in your quote?

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