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Its all just preference. Here is my mindset and choice.

I like my mag tubes to be flush with the barrel (my personal choice not based on practicality) and on the practical side I like the extra ammo. Shotguns are inherently slow to reload compared to magazine feed handguns and rifles so more ammo, even just +2, does play a bigger role in the combat/HD shotgun world. In my opinion of course. Shotgun experts may disagree?

I am fairly strong still (late 30's) so I dont have any issues with the mentioned extra weight.

As for length, to me there is no noticeable difference between wielding a 18.5 vs 20" barreled shotgun in my house. If I were in a car maybe? I will probably never own a super short, pistol grip only, 18.5" barrel,4+1 shot shotgun?

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