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It is all personal preference.
I just picked up an 870 with 20" and 7+1. I personally think this is the optimum mix for me and only plan on changing the sights as the rifle sights on it are difficult to pick up in less than optimum light.

I shoot and practice and train so that if I do need to use it only one shot will be necessary( hopefully that never even happens), but having 8 and not having to fumble a reload to get that is comforting. I will start practicing my reloads, but I really see that as more of a SHTF, EOTW scenerio, and like aippi says I have other options for that.

Maybe a shorter stock than the Choate that is on there, I will be able to judge that as I get more shooting time. .. what was the OP question again?

Ultimately, anything you have will work for HD.. practice and practice with what you have. KISS is best.
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