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Thanks for weighing in guys. A lot of good points here. I agree with RMTactical. If 5 rounds of 00 buck doesn't stop the threat than it's just not my day.

To be realistic I can't see any encounter in my tiny house taking place any further than 15 feet. If the threat is outside I'm not going out there and I'm not shooting from indoors. I could probably get away with a PG pump but I would like the option of shouldering the weapon. Maybe the Copstock folder???

I think I'm going to stick my Knoxx Spec Ops on an 18.5" Maverick 88 and call it a day. Also, ditch the extra ammo hanging off the side. Cool thing is I can pull all the gear off my 500A and it will fit. TLR-1 w/ mag tube clamp, Meprolight night sight, Knoxx Stock.

If society crumbles (any more) I will just sleep with the AK out of the safe.

After lining the two up side by side. My rifle is shorter, lighter, higher cap, less recoil, further range, etc etc etc...
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