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I like my Benelli's with an 18" barrel, It just balances better for me. As to shell capacity, I believe that if you shoot 2, you should plan to reload 2 asap.

I also believe that if you're in a Gunfight with a SG, and have fired the 3 to 7th round, Everyone involved is either going to be going down (out of the fight), moving to get out of there, or seeking cover, to return fire.

Capacity, 7 vs 8 vs 9 etc, in a SG to me is not something that I stressed about.

I train to shoot & reload my Benelli's, and to carry extra shells with my SG. I know that I can stand off everything but a SWAT/Military invasion with my home defense SG.

What do I prefer; My Benelli's with GSR, regular capacity, and a way to carry extra shells, other than good training, that's probably all you'll ever need.


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