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Originally Posted by CTfam View Post
Thanks for weighing in guys. A lot of good points here. I agree with RMTactical. If 5 rounds of 00 buck doesn't stop the threat than it's just not my day. I'd love to prescribe to that way of thinking but the reality (in my area anyway) is that bad guys travel in packs. Just last month a cop was shot and killed in his own garage just as he got off swing shift. He turned around and there were about 4 bad guys at his garage door that he left open. I am not saying +2 will solve all your problems by any means but I feel that a flush fitting mag extension is more of an asset than a weight & length liability in my opinion.

If society crumbles (any more) I will just sleep with the AK out of the safe.

After lining the two up side by side. My rifle is shorter, lighter, higher cap, less recoil, further range, etc etc etc...Good point. If society is crumbling I pretty much dont care about the over penetration argument at this point. As long as no one I love is on the other side of the bad guys...AK or AR for HD is fine with me too.
People over look the Maverick 88 but it really does have the optimum fire controls in my opinion too. (if you ever run a pistol grip stock)
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