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Originally Posted by David Armstrong View Post
That may be your personal experience. I tend to reflect on what I have seen over a couple of decades training people to use the shotgun in fighting situations, and that experience has shown the regular design stock works out much better for most situations than does the pistol grip design, be it Mossberg, Remington, Winchester, Beretta, or others. Shortening the LOP does make quite a difference to the good, but the pistol grip does the opposite. YMMV.
I disagree totally. Plus the speed feed style stock hasn't been used for decades. I find it much easier to sight up quickly, absorb recoil. If you notice the Army/Marines/Swat/Sar/PJ's/seals, etc.. pretty much all use 870 and Benelli's with speed feed type stocks with shortened pull(mostly because they wear armor). It may be your preference, but not from many operators I've served with. I remember hearing that argument when the Army went from the M14 to M16's.
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