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isp is certainly correct, although I think it's a stupid, chincy, non-sensical type of charge. I had a buddy once who was out shooting clay birds in his backyard range (on his own property) with a Win 1200 Defender (8-shot mag), and a Consvtn. Ofcr. came out of the woods and wrote him a ticket for having an unplugged shotgun in the field during hunting season. Clearly, my buddy wasn't hunting and was even on his own property and the case of clay birds (or what was left of it) and the pigeon thrower were there.

This was totally legal, because conservation officers do not have to respect private property when they are enforcing conservation laws...

I have a problem with a conservation officer (or a state's attorney) using this technically legal application of the law for something it obviously was not intended for... This kind of silliness/abuse of power is what gets the anti-govt./conspiracy theory/militia-movement/KKK/American Nazi Party/World Church of the Creator whackos all fired up with their anti-govt. speech. (Of course, it gives them credibility [which they don't deserve], because in this case they are right...) Every time a State's Atty. "wins" a case based on conservation law where it really shouldn't be applied is not really a "win"...
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