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Originally Posted by PghJim View Post
Yes but it says the wounds look alike and the 45 pic was taken at a closer range. For me, if a .355 can make the same size wound as a 45, then velocity must to have something to do with it. I also do not know if looking at a wound tells the whole story of the effectiveness. If I thought that a 9mm could make the same wound as a 45, I would be carrying my light G19 instead of the heavier XD or 1911.
I alluded to this as well. I agree with you that "something is up" if a .55" projectile is making the same wound as a .75" projectile. (expanded, rough estimate).

Also, the author claimed he could not tell whether a 9mm or a .45 was used on the deer or javelina, based on their reaction and the outcome.

However, he also says things that sound quite contrary to any BPW causing any TBI's.
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