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Originally Posted by isp2605 View Post
He should have taken that one to court. Some CPOs tend to be a bit overboard.
Here's another CPO story.
My brother use to be a buckskinner of sorts when he was really getting into blackpowder hunting. Made his clothes and all his gun accessories including gun case. He'd made a real nice case out of deer skin with the fringe and bead work. It completely covered the gun and the end was made to tie to close the case. DNR was running a check near where he was deer hunting and he was stopped coming home. The CPO wrote him a ticket for uncased gun because she said it wasn't a factory made case. He fought the ticket. I went to court just to see what the judge would say. The CPO got on the stand and said the case wasn't a factory made therefore it wasn't legal. She said when the statute said "specifically made for a firearm" that it meant factory made. The judge wasn't happy with that testimony. No where has the law stated the case had to be factory made. Brother didn't even have to testify. Judge gave a directed verdict and explained his ruling to the CPO. Afterwards I talked to a buddy who was legal counsel for DNR about her testimony. He assured me their CPOs are not taught cases have to be factory made. He contacted the CPO chief and they got it straightened out with their CPOs.
DNR has some really good CPOs. I've worked with quite a few of them and some are very good friends. I've also worked with some who are way way overboard on what they think and do.
Yeah, that's been my exact experience too. The overzealous ones give all the rest a bad name, of course...
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