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Originally Posted by .45Super-Man View Post
I think the real question comes down to.....

1. What advantages does the .357 offer over the .40S&W in the same platform.
Better penetration of certain hard targets, such as metal air-compressors.

2. In the same platform, is it worth sacrificing a few rounds of 9mm to gain a slight edge in stopping power by going to the 357?
That is a personal question. It depends on the scenarios someone thinks they will encounter.

3. Removing extended ranges and slightly better barrier penetration from the equation, what advantages, if any, are left?
The 357SIG seems inherently more accurate. Based on testing done by Dr. Roberts, and others.

4. What % of shootings where extended range and slightly better barrier penetration of the .357SIG a deciding factor?
I am unsure, but I do recall an article a while back in a LE magazine about police engaugements at 40+ yards using their side-arms. Seems it does happen.

5. For the "average" civilian, what advantage does the 357 offer, considering the actual dynamics of most self defense shootings?
The "average" citizen will never have to shoot someone, and if they do, there is no "average" shooting.
You should carry what you feel most confident in.
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