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Wow, I just finished the set and it was worth every penny. I only saw one flub by one of the students. The bald SWAT cop during his scenario called over the radio to dispatch that there were shots fired and he was 10-4 (not code 4) at least it sounded like he said 10-4? I just thought that was funny. I'd probably make way more mistakes if I had cameras on me during live fire unrehearsed scenarios lol.

Look for the special feature where Travis has an interesting combat story he talks about when he was in the service somewhere in Iraq or Afghanistan. (he doesnt say) He explains the day he had an AK shoved in his face during a weapons check in a home. As he does a gun grab on the AK he noticed in a split second the safety was up on the AK and he pulled his 45 and shot the bad guy in the head. He explains that he let his guard down just one day and almost got killed for it.

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