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I'm just now working through the videos. I'm a big fan of training in general and I believe that even if you've "heard it all before", it is still a worthwhile exercise to continually train. Do it even if it's boring... and I've been through a LOT of training over the years.

So with that said, I need to say these videos are top quality. Not boring at all. Lots of things to learn. Magpul is good like that... they are always trying to reassess training methods, get rid of "institutional inertia" and boil things down to basics. In general, I like their approach. These videos are probably the best handgun training resource out there for people for home study right now.

Remember that with all of these training academies, they're largely personality driven. And people tend to draw lines in the sand, talk up one academy over another, or swear on only one method or another. I find the tendency to do that revolting and something done by either uneducated or immature people. Magpul is one of many, and there's plenty to learn and to ignore from all of them.

This set is a must for people who want to continue the constant need to train and learn from some pretty good trainers.
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