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There is NO legislation on this issue. This stems from an ILLINOIS Supreme Court ruling issued late last year (2009) on a case out of Peoria County wherein a man was arrested, charged, and convicted of UUW (Unlawful Use of Weapons) for having a gun in the center console of his car. He was convicted, and after his sentence was pretty much over, he finally got in front of the I.S.C. and they reversed the conviction.

Some MAJOR aspects of their ruling that are almost never stated are:

To qualify as "a case," the center console must lock,
The gun still must be unloaded,

And, this only applies to the UUW statute. If you have the gun in the center console, you can still be charged with a wildlife code violation for having the gun "accessible."

For Concealed Carry to work in IL., there's going to have to be several laws revised...
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